UHV Chamber #2 (RAIRS)

This stainless-steel volume is pumped by a CTI-8 4000 l/s cryopump to a base pressure in the low E-10 Torr range.  It has an Ion Tech FAB/ion gun for sample cleaning, an UTI-100C mass quadrupole with a home-made retractable nozzle for selective detection of desorbing gases from the solid sample, and a Bruker Equinox 55 spectrometer setup for single grazing reflection from the sample inside the vacuum environment.  The manipulator is on-center, and it is placed horizontally to translate the sample between the cleaning/TPD and RAIRS stages.  It is capable of resistive heating to > 1300 K and liquid nitrogen cooling to < 90 K.  The temperature is controlled via a spot-welded thermocouple and a homemade temperature controller.  A retractable high-pressure cell is setup in the far position of the manipulator for in-situ RAIRS detection of adsorbed species during catalysis.  A gas manifold and several leak valves are used to introduce gases into the chamber.  A micro-batch reactor to follow reaction kinetics inside the high-pressure cell is under construction.

Techniques: RAIRS, TPD, in-situ atmospheric-pressure spectroscopy

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