#5 UC

UHV Chamber #5 (UC)

This is a homemade-modified Laybold-Heraeus commercial stainless-steel apparatus designed for fast transfer of samples in and out of the UHV environment.  It consists of two interconnected chambers, each pumped with a turbomolecular pump.  The main vessel has an Al anode x-ray source, a 100 mm concentric hemisphere energy analyzer with multichannel array detection, a Phi 04-191 rasterable sputtering gun, and an UTI 100C mass quadrupole.  The adjacent volume has a sputtering gun, and has been modified to operate as a high-pressure reactor.  The manipulator is set horizontally, an consists of a bar designed for fast transfer between the two vacuum positions and the outside atmosphere.  Two different bars are available, with heating and cooling capabilities between approximately 150 and 900 K, and with a small sealable volume for sample transport outside the system.

Techniques: XPS, AES, TPD, atmospheric-pressure reactivity

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