ALD Reactors 

ALD Reactor

Two homemade reactor are designed to carry out film deposition experiments under ALD reaction conditions. In each case, a small stainless steel chamber houses a nickel-made sample holder, where the substrate can be heated to up to 500 ⁰C. A gas feeding line is used to introduce the precursor into the reaction chamber. A homemade bubbler is used to carry the vapor of liquid precursors into the reactor. The whole ALD reactor can be heated to up to 150 ⁰C to avoid the water contamination. A separate pumping line is set to purify the precursor in order to avoid contaminating the sample in the reaction chamber. An Alcatel 2008A vacuum pump is used to pump the system down to a base pressure few mtorr. The samples with the grown films are extracted from the reactor after experiments by removing the sample holder flange for ex-situ analysis.

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