#4 Molecular Beam, Praxis

UHV Chamber #4 (Molecular Beam, "Praxis")

This 6-liter stainless steel chamber is evacuated with a 300 l/s turbomolecular pump to a base pressure in the E-10 Torr range.  The chamber is equipped with a Specs IQE 10/35 sputtering gun, an UTI 100C mass quadrupole (placed out of line-of-sight), and an effusive molecular beam consisting of a 1.2 cm diameter multichannel array.  The gas flux is fixed by setting both the leak valve and the backing gas pressure, which is measured by a MKS Baratron (PDR-C-1C) pressure gauge.  A movable stainless steel flag is placed between the doser and the sample to intercept the beam at will.  The sample is mounted in a x-y-z-q centered manipulator capable of resistively heating to up to > 1300 K and of cooling to < 90 K by using a liquid nitrogen reservoir.  The temperature of the sample is measured by a thermocouple spot-welded to the side of the sample and regulated by a homemade AC controller.

Techniques: TPD, Isothermal kinetic measurements

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