#4 ATR, ALD Reactor


A second cell has been designed for the infrared absorption spectroscopy characterization of adsorbates on solid samples in attenuated total reflection (ATR) mode.  The solid sample is placed inside a gas cell, attached to a linear translation manipulator used to place the surface in the middle of the gas stream during film deposition experiments and to press it against a semispherical germanium prism for the ATR characterization.  A homemade sample holder is used for resistive heating of the sample to temperatures of up to ~ 300°C.  The temperature is measured by a chromel-alumel thermocouple spotwelded to the heating element, and set using a PID controller and a variable transformer.  A PID controller.  A gas handling system similar to that described for the other IR systems is used for pumping and gas handling purposes.

Techniques: ATR IR, chemical vapor deposition/atomic layer deposition surface chemistry

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