#3 Michelle

UHV Chamber #3 ("Michelle")

This is a stainless-steel volume evacuated with a 400 l/s magnetically-levitated Seiko turbomolecular pump to a base pressure of in the low E-10 Torr range.  It contains a VG 100 mm concentric hemisphere energy analyzer, a VG Al/Mg dual-anode X-ray source, a home-made electron gun, a Kratos differentially-pumped ion source, and an UTI-100C mass quadrupole with retractable nozzle for selective detection of desorbing gases from the solid sample.  The sample is mounted in a long travel on-center z-q manipulator capable of resistively heating to up to > 1300 K and of cooling to ~ 60 K by using a pumped liquid nitrogen reservoir.  The temperature of the sample is measured by a thermocouple spot-welded to the side of the sample, and regulated by a homemade AC controller.  A gas manifold and several leak valves are used to introduce gases into the chamber in a controlled manner.  A high-pressure cell with in-situ RAIRS capabilities is under construction.

Techniques: TPD, XPS, LEIS, AES

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