#6 Nanoreactor

UHV Chamber #6 (Nanoreactor)

This stainless-steel chamber is evacuated with a turbomolecular pump to a base pressure in the low E-10 Torr range.  It is equipped with a homemade four-grid retarding field analyzer and a Varian off-center electron gun for LEED and AES, a Specs IQE 10/35 sputtering gun, two UTI 100C mass quadrupole spectrometers,and an x-y-z-q centered manipulator capable of resistively heating to up to > 1300 K and of cooling to < 90 K by using a liquid nitrogen reservoir.  A homemade precision temperature controller is used for temperature ramping.  A centered double-tube system has been designed to act as a nanoliter-sized reactor by allowing for high-flux injection of gas mixtures to a small area within the frontal surface of the sample using the central nozzle and collection and detection of the desorbing gases via the outer differentially pumped cylinder.  The collected gasses are directed to a second chamber, independently pumped by using a diffusion pump with a cryo-trap, where they are analyzed by means of one of the UTI 100C mass quadrupoles.

Techniques: LEED, AES, TPD, catalytic kinetic measurements

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